July 22nd, 2014




The Maisie silk satin french knicker by Ayten Gasson.

Cut on the bias to create a beautiful and flattering fit, this elegant knicker features lace detailing on either side created by English lace company Cluny, who have been producing English lace since 1845. Finished with a delicate gold coloured elastic trim.



pour moi….

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"This is what I miss… not something that’s gone, but something that will never happen."

Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye (via larmoyante)

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July 21st, 2014


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"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."

Ralph Waldo Emerson (via wordsnquotes)

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Irene Luft Fall 2011


Irene Luft Fall 2011

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"You are the knife I turn inside myself; this is love. This, my dear, is love."

Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena (via heavydrug)

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